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Neil Stegall, LCSW - Serving individuals, couples and families.
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My Approach

We are all challenged by the common problems of life- loss of a relationship, disappointment of an important expectation, stress. Sometimes these events can overwhelm us, especially if we have a mood or anxiety disorder. 

More than ever before, most people experiencing emotional and mental anguish can realize hope through psychotherapies that have been proven in their ability to tap into inner human resources successfully.

Painful and destructive emotional states and self-critical thinking patterns that create paralysis in the face of lifeís challenges can be changed through awareness and the consistent use of new mental skills.

I apply up-to-date professional research and healing strategies in a personalized fashion to help individuals, couples and families discover unique skills and solutions that work for them. Generally, I rely on solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness-based approaches.

I respect the resilience of my fellow humans. I believe that most people have the necessary strengths and past experience to work with the most difficult challenges of life. I work with my clients to identify and recruit individual strengths and capacities relevant to the problems they face.

I rely on constructive conversations that allow me to listen deeply to the particular struggles and nuances of a personís life. Therein we discover together how to promote and sustain change.

What I require of my clients is that, with my help, they not retreat from their struggles.

Everything I ask my clients to do for themselves is simple- though consistency and great effort may be required.

I am willing to join you in creating change in your life.

Be well. Be happy.

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