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About Neil Stegall

One of the most important factors of psychotherapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. I would like to offer you some relevant information about myself and encourage you to follow up with me by email or a phone call to answer your most important questions. 

I have worked in every phase of mental health treatment over nearly thirty years. As a result, I am familiar with many of the modern problems of living and the mental health disorders confronting adults and teens. I spent much of my early career in various roles in the nursing and direct care services of psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers. Later, I received graduate training as a clinical social worker through the University of Texas at Austin, where I focused on child and family assessment and treatment. Subsequently, I have had experience as a psychotherapist in both outpatient and more intensive forms of treatment for adults and teens. 

I was a key member of the team that developed crisis and intensive outpatient services for Austin Regional Clinic during the years that organization had a mental health department. I also provided psychotherapy for adults and teens in that setting. Later, I developed a cognitive behavioral and psychoeducational introductory program for juvenile sex offenders newly referred for residential treatment at a facility outside of Austin. After a brief stint providing clinical services at Shoal Creek Hospital, I took over the management of adult and youth psychiatric programs at St. David’s Pavilion in Austin. Since leaving that post in 1999 I have developed my private practice in Austin. 

My unique personal and professional experiences have allowed me to see that each of us, even in the midst of great personal turmoil and pain, have the internal resources and capacities to master the challenges of life. 

No person can be reduced to a diagnosis or disorder. In fact, it is all too easy to see what is wrong in a given human circumstance. The freedom to create new possibilities, to relieve torment and agitation, lies in seeing how each person’s successes at living- even in the so-called “small things”- creates the capacities for positive change. My intention always is to join with each person in a unique relationship that can find the keys to resolving the isolation and pain common when overwhelmed with problems of living or disorders like depression. 

As a result, each client relationship is unique and grows out of a purposeful experience as I act as a guide to growth and greater ease of living. 

My nursing experience and familiarity with many spiritual and religious traditions also permit me to understand each person in a holistic way, as a physical living being with an awareness and sensitivity that inevitably leads to a search for a larger meaning and purpose in life. 

I do not believe in fostering unhelpful forms of dependency between the client and myself. Rather, I frame my work as that of a guide and mentor, one who creates opportunities to master the challenges of life through particular wisdom and skill. I believe that the therapist-client relationship can be used flexibly as a resource during times of need and may be available as needed on a continuing basis as an important life resource. One of my personal goals in every situation is to “work my way out” of the life of a client. We will both know at a point in time that the most immediate, relevant work has been accomplished and that the real work has become the daily challenge we all have of responding to the unfolding of our lives. 

Again, I encourage you to call or email with your questions. 

I wish you ease of mind and wellness of heart.

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